Canker Cure TM    We know what causes them, we know what cures them.

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Canker Cure - heals oral canker sores

If you have canker sores you know how painful they are. There are numerous products you can buy to treat them. All these products work the same way: once you get a sore you put an ointment or patch on it which contains an ingredient to help deaden the pain. But there has been nothing to actually heal the sore, and certainly nothing to prevent them.

Until now.

Instead of waiting 10-14 days for the sore to go away, while applying messy ointments to help dull the pain, wouldn't it be nice to be able to take a few pills per day and have the pain gone within 2-3 days?  Now it's possible.  (Please see "Testimonial" page for actual results of a doctor's test.)

Imagine being able to take a few pills per day and then not having to worry about developing new canker sores.

In early 2001 an independent medical researcher decided it was time to develop a cure for canker sores. Not something that just deadens the pain, but actually heals them.

Doctors and researchers believed the sores were caused either by a bacteria or virus.  However, after extensive investigation this researcher found the sores are usually caused by a genetic predisposition which prevents the body from adequately absorbing certain nutrients from food.  The researcher found a way to treat this condition by means of a pill. After years of testing and refinement, both in the US and abroad, this patent pending product is now available: Canker Cure.

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