Canker Cure TM    We know what causes them, we know what cures them.

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By asking "What is in Canker Cure?" you are asking the wrong question.  We could
give a long list of ingredients, but that would not tell you how they interact with your
body to eliminate canker sores.  You would glance at the list, shrug your shoulders,
and walk away.

Rather, what you should be asking is "What causes canker sores and how does
Canker Cure eliminate them?"

First of all, canker sores are caused by a genetic disease.  They are not caused by a
bacteria or virus.  

People who get canker sores have inherited a gene which does not allow their
digestive system to properly process enough of certain micronutrients which are
required by the body to heal abrasions inside the mouth.  In other words, their body
is unable to pull these nutrients from the food.

So when the mouth is injured in any way, such as from a bite, scratch, burn, acid
burn, etc., it does not have enough of the micronutrients it needs to heal the wound.  
In the meantime the wound forms a sore (a canker sore) until it can collect enough of
the micronutrients to heal the the wound (the canker sore).  It takes about 10-14 days
to collect enough of the micronutrients at the site to fully heal the wound.  This is why
the average canker sore lasts that long.

So how does Canker Cure overcome this problem?  It not only contains the needed
micronutrients to heal the sores, it also has a special design which enables the body
to absorb them rapidly.  Because of this method Canker Cure is able to start relief
quickly.  On average the pain is gone in about 2-3 days, when used to treat an active
canker sore.  When taken immediately after a mouth injury, such as when the mouth
is bitten, it can often heal the sore within 24 hours.  When taken in lower doses on a
daily basis when no sores are present, Canker Cure helps prevent outbreaks.
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